Joints Kit Resin

Joints Kit Resin

Features of Resin for Kits

  • Up to 1000 volts
  • Two year (24 month) shelf life
  • Injection moulded shells for entire range
  • Snap together - leak proof
  • Dual type "mix in the bag" that can be easily pulled apart for mixing for all sizes up to 750gram
  • Use mechanical seal at centre of bag for all pouches containing 750gram + of resin
  • Pure resin - no fillersM
  • Separate resin packs available
  • No heat or flame required
  • No skin contact whilst mixing
  • Odour free
  • Robust and transparent moulds

Types of Resin for Joint Kits

Polyurethane Resin
  • Unfilled, pure resin (MA153)
  • No sedimentation
  • Tested in accordance with VDE 0278 and SABS 526
  • Opaque in colour
  • Polyurethane flexible resin (DL1267)
  • Outstanding abrasion resistance
  • Re-enterable polyurethane resin (MA212)
Epoxy Resin
  • Unfilled, pure resin (E97 / SE125)
  • No sedimentation
  • FVO rating
  • Low toxicity epoxy 3.2
  • Self extinguishing epoxy
  • Tested in accordance with (1EC 707), mould and resin coloured
  • blue for easy identification.

Suitable for Almost any Type of Cable

  • Aluminium or Copper conductors
  • Aluminium strip armoured
  • Single or multi core cables
  • PVC sheathed single wire armoured cable
  • Flexible cables eg; rubber, polyurethane

Different Resin Types

E28: Casting Resin
MA460: Casting Resin
MA153: Polyurethane Cable Encapsulating Resin
SE125: Self-extinguishing Clear Epoxy Resin
MA447: Polyurethane Encapsulating Resin
MA212: Polyurethane re-enterable Resin
MA246: Self-extinguishing Polyurethane re-enterable Resin
CM1491: Flexible Cable Encapsulating Resin
1148: Electrical Potting Compound

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